About us


My name is Olga and I am a happy owner of Bassets. Bassets came into my life, just recently, at the end of 2006. Four days after the remarkable events of my life (I am got married), in the kennel Light Night was born my first dog - Light Night Brenda La Of Benberi. She taught us to enjoy life, to love no matter what tricks and subdue the angerso as not to violate the ancient Christian commandment "Thou shalt not kill." Almost two years into our house came second beauty from the Ukrainian Kennel Mushurush - Amazing Star In Stripes Mushurush, incarnate in stark contrast to the older. 

While the first red, self-sufficient and very regal lady, the second - brunette with a light and cheerful character. Despite such strong differences, both are very typical representatives of breed. Both my girls are very loveful, beautiful and titled. 

I recently decided to make our own name in the FCI. The attempt was successful and now we are called "Crazy Caterpillar". Thanks to Elena Balakireva for this name. She first called my bassets "caterpillars". I thought about it and realized that they really like a huge hairy caterpillars with a very cheerful and happy temperament. 

I want to thank my breeders Svetlana Lukyanova and Miroslava Didukh for the fact that I have my princess, my beloved friend, the beautiful cynologist and handler, magic teacher Marina Ivanova for the fact that my knowledge of dogs every day wider. My husband, he is always with me. My magnificent friends who are always ready to support me in all my endeavors. And, most importantly, my girls without whom none of this would not.

I hope you enjoy our site.